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Some images from the lovely artbook! The sleeve jacket sparkles lol. Artbook has 2 fold out sleeves (first two pics after the cover) from there, its cover arts from the novel. Novel covers are next so vol 1-7, s2 v1-5, afterwards a section on art used for drama cds n character discs after that its a tiny section of unused (which ill post later curse tumblr for having 10 pics per post lol)


How and why they didnt end up together still amazes me….
♥ Natsume x Ema ♥


How and why they didnt end up together still amazes me….

♥ Natsume x Ema ♥


Profile artwork from the 13Bros. Maniax book. Some brothers had alternate character designs and they’re all just adorable I mean look at how innocent Fuuto looks.

And then there’s Natsume’s other design which would not have done him justice I mean goodness he looks so plain there.

Ha Yusuke’s other design is so funny to me idk man I just can’t imagine the whole series with his hair like that.

But I really am fond of Hikaru and Subaru’s alternate character schemes cause they look pretty neat and would suit them imo.

Vol.3 Versus II cover 

Vol.3 Versus II cover 

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Summer anime 2014 visual guide, entire thing as one full image here. If you like what I’m doing, check out my main blog where these are hosted without me having to deal with cutting them up or getting resized to ant levels.

Stargazed Charts

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Character Design

Taken from “Amnesia Artworks II”

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Noragami Official Keychain Chibis

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There are things about the Spongebob movie I wanted to know about. 

This is not one of those things.

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